Telecom Services

We do the survey for equipment upgradation in cell sites and based on the site Loads, faulty equipment and load upgradation will upgrade the required Electrical equipment in cell sites for smooth running of operations and maintenance.

Installations of different power equipment like SMPS, SPS, SP, DG, Battery Bank, DCDB, ACDB, etc.

Installations of Outdoor cabinets (ODC)for operators like JIO.

Construction of Earth pits for cell towers based on site load and requirement.

SCM Activities

We not only involved in Upgradation activities but also in SCM activities like Purchase of Materials as per the customer specifications, transportation of equipment and materials from client Ware house to site all over AP & TG, Bringing back old material from Site to Warehouse.

Managing the Ware house activities like material inward and outward movement, Reconciliation of old material, new material etc.


We involvedinstallation and commissioning of security cameras, Security sensors like motion sensors, panic switches, hooters, glass break sensors, vibration sensors etc., in ATM centers.

Electrical Services

Providing Electrical Services for Domestic, Installation of Home Equipment’s Like Power Cable Routing, Lights, Fans, Socket, Switch Boards, etc…